Welcome to our KVIN website!

Are you VI? (blind or visually impaired) and live or work in Kirklees? or Do you know someone who is?

Need help with your mobile or tablet or tuning your guitar?

Our volunteers can help with everything from magnification to speech output. We get you started and confident to do what you want to do. For example:

  • access information
  • get out and about
  • send and receive emails
  • use facebook and other social media
  • keep up to date with the news
  • read books
  • listen to or make music

We are a user-led organisation run by and for VIs. We know that most technologies are not designed with the needs of VIs considered at the design stage. This means that many machines and apps are difficult to use. We aim to keep up to date with new and emerging technologies, share skills and pass on what we learn. We have been offering peer support and training in the use of various technologies to other VIs since 2008. We couldn’t do this without the support of our sighted volunteers. We know that being more confident with tech helps VIs live more independently, increase social opportunities, improve skills towards volunteering and employability.


  • listen to what you want to do
  • give practical support and training
  • encourage you to try equipment before you buy it
  • work with you to find cost effective solutions to suit your individual needs

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