Welcome to KVIN!

We are a user-led organisation run by and for VIs. We know that most technologies are not designed with the needs of VIs considered at the design stage. This means that many machines and apps are difficult to use. We aim to keep up to date with new and emerging technologies, share skills and pass on what we learn. We have been offering peer support and training in the use of various technologies to other VIs since 2008. We couldn’t do this without the support of our sighted volunteers. We know that being more confident with tech helps VIs live more independently, increase social opportunities, improve skills towards volunteering and employability.

We have values of trust, honesty, inclusivity, equality, value for money, respect for one another and celebrating our diversity. We value the knowledge and experience of one another and want to share this with others who can benefit from what we know. Peer support, inclusive ways of working and the involvement of disabled people at the design stage of service and technological development are important in achieving equality.

In 2017 we were awarded a 5 year grant from The National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund to enable us to reach visually impaired people near to where they live by extending our drop-in service.

If you are aware of visually impaired people living in Kirklees who we may be able to assist please contact us or give them our details.

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