RNIB Campaign News Update July

Stop for me, speak to me fortnight of action
Join the bus campaign fortnight of action from 19 July which brings together campaigning on a local, regional and national level. There are loads of ways to get involved, from joining the national bus relay, to taking part in a swap with me event, mystery shopping, blogging, letter writing and using social media as well as other campaigning activities, you can be as creative as you like!
The fortnight follows some fantastic “Stop for me, speak to me” activity that has been taking place across England over the last few months, designed to raise awareness and gather evidence of the problems that blind and partially sighted people are still experiencing when travelling independently by bus.

More campaign news and action
Challenge your MP to “Call my bluff”
The “Call my bluff” game invites you to guess which statements about the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) are true and which are a bluff. The WCA, which is the test for Employment Support Allowance, is repeatedly letting disabled people down and this urgently needs to be addressed by a new independent review, headed up by Dr Litchfield.
Challenge your MP to play too, and ask them to write to Dr Litchfield’s review team, urging essential improvements to the assessment. If you have experience of the WCA, you can also respond directly to the review team’s call for evidence before 27 August.
Invite your MP to Save Our Sight in Parliament
RNIB is hosting a reception in the Houses of Parliament on 15 July to highlight the problems in accessing treatment for cataracts – please ask your MP to attend our reception to find out how they can help people in your area at risk of sight loss.
At the reception your MP will be provided with data on the number of people who need cataract surgery in their local area and the number that actually manage to access it. They will be able to find out about the actions they can take nationally and locally on behalf of their constituents who may be at risk of sight loss.
Vote for the best care campaign action
We’ve suggested three actions we could take as part of a new care campaign. Vote for your favourite action and the winner will be rolled out as part of the campaign, launching this autumn.
The new campaign will tackle the shocking drop in care and support provided for people living with sight loss which is leaving people without basic help they need to live independently, both at home and also when they go out and about.
Books without borders breakthrough win
We’ve had a fantastic campaign success for our Books without borders campaign. A new ground-breaking UN treaty was agreed last month that will give blind and partially sighted people greater access to books in a format they can read, such as large print, braille or audio CD.
Singer Stevie Wonder backed the RNIB campaigns team and World Blind Union’s successful negotiations for a strong treaty as part of the Books without borders campaign. The treaty is important because it legally allows blind people’s organisations, libraries and others to use the new exception to copyright rule in order to make and provide accessible books where previously they could not have done so.
In your area
Our network of local campaigners have been busy raising awareness and pushing for positive changes where they live. Neil’s been successful in tackling parking on pavements in Grassington, Maxine persuaded her MP, Andrew Lansley to accompany her on a local walk of Cambridge whilst blindfolded and Peter gained support from his newly elected South Shields MP. There’s loads of local bus campaigning happening too. Check out our regional campaigns update for more.