Guide Dogs Capaign News

Welcome to the July edition of the Guide Dogs Campaigns Update!  We have some great news from our Parliamentary Reception and an important new survey for you to help us out with this month.
Take five minutes this month to:
Streets Ahead Survey 2013
A guide dog owner walking down a cluttered high street
“Street clutter is a really big problem for blind people and it can make you feel even more cut off if you know you’ve got to negotiate all this detritus every time you go out.” Guide Dog Owner, London
Wheelie bins? Overhanging branches? Cars parked on pavements? There are lots of obstacles that stop people who are blind and partially sighted from getting out and about independently. We want to find out more about the inconsiderate barriers to mobility encountered on roads and high streets across the UK, which is why throughout July we will be conducting our ‘Streets Ahead Survey 2013’. Help us shape the future of our Streets Ahead campaign by spending five minutes to take part online now. Don’t forget to encourage your friends and family to get involved too!
Safe and Sound Reception Success
Thanks to all the thousands of you who took a few minutes to invite your MP to our Parliamentary Reception last month. The event took place on 26 June and was a huge success with 140 MPs turning up to find out more about our Safe and Sound campaign! We also took the opportunity to present Minister Norman Baker with a giant mix tape of favourite sounds, as provided by hundreds of campaigners, to remind him of the importance of sound!
Transport Minister Norman Baker presented to him by Guide Dogs CEO Richard Leaman
Read more about the reception, check if your MP had their photo taken on the day and find out how you can still help campaign for the installation of these important sound generators on quiet vehicles by visiting our website.
Last chance to nominate!
The Guide Dogs Annual Awards 2013 logo
The deadline for nominations for the Guide Dog Annual Awards 2013 is the end of this month. If you know someone who has been particularly active in campaigning for better accessibility for people who are blind or partially sighted then make sure you put them forward for the ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ Award. Perhaps you know someone who has been campaigning for better crossing points in your local area, or working with the council to address street clutter problems? Make sure hard working campaigners get the recognition they deserve at this year’s awards and complete a nomination form now!
Help us wield more influence
The more people we have involved in our campaigns, the better, and you are the best people to lead our recruitment drive. It would be great if you could