Talking ATM’s

  Some of you may know that Barclays and the Co-Op are currently
rolling out talking Automated Cash Machines (ACM) for use with
headphones.  You may not know that:
  1.  From the beginning of next year, most of the other banks
will be rolling out an equivalent service.  These include,
Nationwide, Lloyds, Natwest and all of the rest of the Royal Bank
of Scotland group.  Santander and HSBC are still in talks with
RNIB about introducing the service.
  2.  Barclays have a web page where you can put in your street
name, town or post code, and find out where your nearest cash
machine is, and where you can ask for your nearest talking
external cashpoint or your nearest internal cashpoint, or both
types in one list.
  Please note: You do not have to be a Barclays customer to draw
cash from a Barclays machine.
If you are not a Barclays customer, the bank doesn’t charge you
extra for using the machine.
The headphone sockets are normally situated close to the card
For safety reasons, it may be wise only to listen to the spoken
output through one earpiece, so that you can still hear what’s
going on behind you in the street.