Accessible Tourism! Survey.

Help shape the future of accessible tourism in Europe
Are you a traveller with particular access requirements? Do you have a disability, or do you regularly travel with young children?
The European Commission is conducting an online survey in order to better understand the demand for accessible tourism, undertaken by GfK, the University of Surrey, ProAsolutions and NeumannConsult.
The aim of this survey is to research the travel patterns and behaviour of people with specific access requirements. The topics covered in the questionnaire are designed to gain an understanding of your personal situation, your travel experiences and your thoughts about travelling in future, so that we can build up a picture of the demand for accessible tourism.
The survey results will be used for a report identifying options for improving the range of accessible tourism services, which will be widely disseminated among and evaluated by stakeholders in the sector, and your responses will ultimately help inform future policy.
To participate, register at and enter your email address to receive a link to the questionnaire. The survey will be open until 22 August 2013.