Design Experiment Requirement (KVIN)


This is a trial webpage to test and demonstrate that the accessibility and non-accessibility features expected on the website are achievable. Consider this as a design document confirming requirements for what we will attempt.

Go to the end of requirement to go straight to the tests.

It tests the following:

  • adjust colours (but not contrast – most interfaces have a means of turning up or down – also, most solutions have ‘accessibility’ (from windows XP to windows10, android, IOS) features so if colours on colours has an adverse effect it is of no concern).
  • adjust font size (assumes if you have a system that does this (windows10, android, IOS) you won’t need it, but if you use and this is on, any adverse effect it is of no concern).

Note, suggest above we leave to IOS, Windows and Android – we can teach people if don’t know how to do it. Keeps everything else simple and doable.

  • audio read (alt text) – is acceptable and equivalent to any visually used interface.
  • icons as well as words so whether the user can or cannot read they will have a visual or alt text means of navigating to what they are looking for. (to stop link disappearing have pic (button or whatever)
  • videos as well as words:
    • For embedded and to a 3rd party (youtube)) hosted,
    • That is video without and with subtitles (assumes all videos will have subtitles and not a turn-on/off, as on TV)
    • For videos with separate audio description.
  • Audio (without video).

(Note, for audio and video, if there is double reading by a automated reader over audio, we do not care – it is for the manufacturers to maje that work (ie. JAWS)


  • (For now) Translated to a language of choice/ preference (explanation of what, why and how): What: Language (or lack of English) is not a disability and there is no legal obligation under the DDA or other acts to do translation (even within the EU), so I suggest KVIN do not do this. It is the responsibility of the individual citizen to learn English sufficiently, not for providers (websites) to adapt their content display to cater for non-English speakers. The only legal obligation within the UK is Welsh translation, but only for the Welsh and within the postcode boundaries of Wales, so does not apply to KVIN, so even if someone in Wales uses KVIN services they would be expected to read and use the site in English; Why: this (translation) has been suggested because of the diverse and ethnic mix within communities in Kirklees, particularly to communicate with Kirklees citizens where English is not used or practiced; How (it can be achieved): translation if required can still be achieved in two ways, i) by instructing how to use translation (ie. Google translate for instance), letting the user do their own translation (this overcomes non-greek/ non-Western alphabets and holding every character symbol with the site – ie. Arabic, Chinese symbols etc), or ii) translating and storing key documents ourselves (but how do we test it?), that we then link to. If we do this it should be limited to key issues/ content. (We would do as (i) and store a linked pdf). Whatever KVIN do , they should keep this to a minimum because it is a bottomless pit and beware if you imply that you can offer a service in Ukranian (or whatever) and someone turns up, KVIN will likely be expected to pick up the cost of a translator (for sessions). This whole area is a minefield and with Brexit looming is likely to get pushed further out of favour (or as a need).
  • There is no intention of putting Braille or Signing for the deaf, or services for the hard of hearing, or anything of that nature on the website.




KVIN offers the following services:

  • Service 1
  • Tandem Trekkers –  [Icon / Link to TT]  [Audio Link]  [Video Tandem Link]  [French TT]  
    An icon link that takes you to Tandem Trekkers pages

    Link TT

    An icon link that takes you to Audio (wrong pic)

    Audio TT

    An icon link that takes you to Tandems on Youtube

    Video/ Youtube

    An icon link that takes you to Tandems info in French


  • Service 3



Choose and select a button to change colours  Yellow on Purple Background Black on White background

Not worked this one out yet (lots of references in HTML, so can this be done globally across pages? Don’t know.


Choose and select a button to change size Bigger size Default Size

Not worked this one out yet. Can this be done globally across pages? Don’t know.


The icons above with label work this way, but the alt text gives more context for reader software users (JAWS etc)

An example is a visual reader can tell that address  relates to something further on, but the VI can’t, so the alt gives more info about this here and now. eg.


(Alt text says Address. Enter the address for your local library)


Bike (Tandem Trekkers – Alt text (Select for Tandem Trekkers cycling information))



Embedded Video

Youtube Video

Embedded Audio

Streamed Audio

All works!

Note, subtitles and audio description are features of the media and how they work with other third party software is of no concern to the design of this website.


Link to this translated into French

Works but why do it