About Us


We are a group of visually impaired people who with sighted volunteer help want to see equality of access within Society for visually impaired people. We want to be able to enrich visually impaired people’s lives through enabling them to use equipment that enables them to be as independent as possible and enjoy life to the full.

We have values of Trust, honesty inclusivity, equality, value for money, Respect for one another and celebrate our diversity. We value the knowledge and experience of one another and want to share this with others who can benefit from what we know. Peer support, inclusive ways of working and the involvement of disabled people at the design stage of service and technological development are important in achieving equality.

We have just been awarded a 5 year grant from “Reaching Communities” to enable us to reach visually impaired people near to where they live. If you are aware of visually impaired people living near you who we may be able to assist, with their permission please contact us as we are keen to assist.