App Review: Duo Lingo

Coming out of our second lockdown and after months of restrictions some of you may be looking to the Duo Lingo app logo, a green owl.future to put some sunshine in your life, whether that be planning a summer holiday for 2021 or indeed 2022 are you just want to inspire yourself by learning a new skill here is an app that may interest you if languages are your thing.

Duo Lingo is a free language app (although it does include some in app purchases) available to download from Google play or the iOS App Store. It consists of a fairly comprehensive range of languages all broken down into small lessons that test your memory of speaking listening and spelling.

In a quest to find a language app with a reasonable to good level of accessibility for iOS voice-over I downloaded Duo Lingo and have so far been very pleasantly surprised. All the main menus are fully voice-over accessible.

Signing up for an account is also easy, you’re only required to provide your name and an email address. There are in app advertisements, with the option to earn yourselves app credits, however if you don’t wish to do this the advertisements are easy to close again using voice-over and the occasional promotional pop-ups are also easy to remove.

As for the learning tools, these are also accessible. The teaching modules include the apps own voice to read out sentences in the foreign language. And voice-over also does a fair job at reading out these, occasionally not getting the pronunciation correct.

The app is also iOS rotor compatible so you can check the spelling of the words being used. This is definitely of benefit when the learning modules want you to pick the correct sentence or word based on its spelling.

The only feature that appears to be completely inaccessible is the introduction of new words which are normally accompanied by a pictorial reference. However, each new word is revisited across the unit so you will be able to infer the meaning as the teaching continues.

It would be of interest to see whether the app is just as accessible using magnification software, if you try this please let us know how it goes…

Sam, KVIN Communications Officer