App Review: Echo – NHS Prescriptions

Here is a review from service user Jules who has found and used a new app this week…

“I came across a stumbling block on Monday when I was trying to order a repeat prescription for myself, both the doctors surgery and the chemist were not at all helpful, even after explaining that I live on my own and I’m visually impaired.

One of the ladies in the chemist asked if I could use a computer as there is a Lloyds Pharmacy Prescription service available that can deliver to me, but she didn’t know much about it other than it was called Echo.

So I headed over to the App Store and downloaded the app. It is free to download on Apple and Android ad is free of charge.

The only information you need to provide is full name and address and telephone number and the name of your doctors surgery and the medication you need. Once you have completed these details it sends a request over to your doctors who then prepare the prescription and with my consent forward it to Echo who deliver it free of charge to my home via Royal Mail.

In the app you can choose whether to receive text messages and emails about the progress of your delivery. You can also easily track your package.

*I put my request in on Tuesday and received my prescription on Friday morning!”**

If you would like to download the app yourself, the links are below;

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