App Review – Sullivan+

In our March issue of the tech chat podcast, we brought you hot off the press news of the new Sullivan+ app.

So here we take a look at the new player in the artificial intelligence app market and put it to the test!

The app has three main sections, a menu screen, a capture screen and a function screen.
The menu screen bears a lot of similarities to other artificial intelligence apps on the market, such as Seeing AI and Lookout by Google. It incorporates a pretty comprehensive list of functions including artificial intelligence mode, text recognition, face recognition, image description, colour recognition, a light detector, a magnifier, a notetaker, a PDF reader and a help and settings section.

The function screen gives more of a nod to social media, as this includes a feature to be able to video call, the ability to turn the camera flash on or off, to allow the app access to your phone’s photo gallery, the ability to save notes and the ability to share across your other social media platforms.

All of these options give you, the user, the ability to use this app for an unnamed number of tasks, whether that be reading product labels, identifying what’s in the photo you’ve taken or simply keeping in touch with friends.

However, what makes this new, and did we mention completely free, app so interesting to us is the capture screen. The artificial intelligence built into this function means that whatever you show to the camera, the app will decide on your behalf whether to simply describe the scene, describe a person or read out text.

The tech is definitely getting cleverer. And for us, the end user, the use of these apps is definitely getting easier. This final capture function is as easy as taking a photo. So whether you are an app collector or an app novice, in our opinion Sullivan+ is definitely one for you.