App review: Voice Dream Scanner

It doesn’t matter how often you request accessible formats or change to online services; one issue visually impaired people will always need to find a solution for is the continuous stream of printed material that still heads our way. But thanks to one recent OCR app the paper mountain can now be read by anyone regardless of lack of vision.
Enter Voice dream Scanner, yes there have been lots of text to speech apps before, but this one was good enough to get me, a mediocre tech user excited.

Whilst other text to speech readers exist that are often free, but less accurate alternatively are very proficient but expensive. Voice dream scanner appears to have come to the market to fall into new ground between these extremes. Available to buy in the Apple app store for £5.99 the app is not financially out of anyone’s reach.

The app uses your phones in built camera to auto focus on text in view. A photo is taken, and the app will read back all the text. And of course, with the iPhone you can decrease or increase the speed of the read-back using your phones settings. Photos can then be deleted or saved dependant on whether you need to read something back later.

And that is it…it’s as simple as taking a photo in an app. Obviously any tech titans out there could talk in more detail about other in app capabilities, but I write this blog for people like me. People who want to simply be able to read their post, medication or food packets in the same way anyone sighted can-independently.

Sam Heaton, KVIN Volunteer