App Review – WeWALK

At KVIN we are always looking for interesting new apps and pieces of kit, so when one of our YouTube viewers suggested a new GPS app, we thought we’d give it a try. Here Sam, our Communications Officer, puts the app WeWALK to the test…

Okay first impressions, it’s free, that gets it a big tick from us when there are now so many GPS apps on the marketplace. And for a navigation app, pardon the pun, it’s very easy to navigate (I’m using Apple voice-over). For a free product so much is included, it’s basically an amalgamation of many of the features of my other favourite GPS apps.

In the Home section, there is an Explore feature where the app will pick up many local facilities and amenities and then offer a choice of routes to that particular venue. There is also a Transport feature that will highlight the location of transport hubs and bus stops and provide live travel times. The Navigate feature allows you to search and locate a place of your choosing, and the My Place feature is where all your chosen saved locations are stored.

And there are a couple of standout features that make this app just a little bit different from others on the market. There are three colourways, black text on a white background or black backgrounds with either white or yellow text, which is great if you prefer a colour version on your screens. And the difference I noticed most whilst actually out using the app is the directions it gives. Whilst many GPS apps refer to directions in terms of compass points, on this app you can set it in the Preferences section to give you directions in relation to a clock face, which to me seems perfect common sense.
Another key feature is the presence of the inbuilt assistant. You can ask the assistant anything from what time it is to finding you a specific location, or even where you are or what’s around you.

So there you go, a quick synopsis of WeWALK. But one more note to add. I have tested this product as a standalone app. The developers have also produced a smart cane with LED light that can connect with the app via your smart phone, to give you an almost equivalent surround sound field to your local environment. The cane is not available in the UK yet but we will endeavour to keep you posted. If you would like more information about the smart cane or the app, you can find it via the WeWALK website: