Community Champions – about the Project!

KVIN has joined Kirklees Council on its journey to increase take-up of the COVID-19 vaccination and address hesitancy surrounding it. Many of you will know from the news that Kirklees has been named as ‘an area of concern’ with recent figures showing it ranks number one out of 149 upper tier local authorities for COVID cases. The work we are doing therefore is crucial to the health and safety of our residents.

The six-month project, which ends in September, will be delivered by a group of six champions recruited from KVIN’s pool of volunteers and is being led by Veronica Horsfall, Community Champions Coordinator. Our main responsibility is to speak to people within the sight loss and other communities, learn about their experiences, questions and concerns relating to the vaccine and then feed the information back to the council.

The Champions team has recently completed a comprehensive training course consisting of five modules in preparation for delivery of the project and so, now armed with the information we require, we have the ‘green light to go’.

Throughout June, we will be speaking to people about the vaccine via our Zoom, phone and face-to-face sessions and inviting people to take part in breakout sessions where anyone who wishes can ask specific questions, seek advice and complete a Vaccination Feedback Form.

From July to the end of September, our delivery will be in the form of an outreach project where our newly equipped, re-branded Mobile Sight Loss Centre, donated to KVIN by Terberg (pictured below), will be travelling to various locations across the district to capture people’s views and offer any support that we can.

The project offers a perfect opportunity to promote the many services that we provide as an organisation as well as to showcase some of the technology available to assist people with sight loss.
Regular updates will be provided as we ‘motor’ through the project!

Photo of van with new Outlookers branding on the side.

For questions about the project, contact Veronica (07462 592905,