Give something back: help with the training of Optometry students

The University of Huddersfield recently opened an Optometry Department to train future opticians. The first cohort of students will be entering their third year in September and they need practical experience in order to graduate.

KVIN is working in partnership with the department to support their Low Vision clinics, where students get the chance to meet and assess patients with low vision.

We need your help! Would you like to get involved?

What is the commitment?

A maximum of 6 sessions per year, lasting no more than 2 hours each.
These will be the same day and time, to be confirmed.
Making your way to the centre of Huddersfield, support to reach the University will be given.
Anyone with sight loss registered SI or SSI who is able to get to the centre of Huddersfield is encouraged to get involved.

What do I have to do?

Attend as a ‘patient’ so that the students can practice their assessments with people with low vision.
Be willing to share details of your eye condition and remaining vision.
Share your experiences so that the students can learn how to do their best in their future roles and find out how people can manage and adapt to their sight loss.

What happens next?

Find out more by attending the information session with department staff Caroline and Robin on Thursday 13th May, during our 11am Zoom group.
Contact Claire or Sam at KVIN for further information.
If you would like to be a volunteer ‘patient’, let us know and the Optometry Department will take it from there.