Introduce Blind Shell

Since the launch of the iPhone, many of us have become familiar with the idea of using a touchscreen phone. Whether it’s Apple or Android, a touch screen has become the standard across the mobile phone market. Whilst that’s great for some of us it might not be the choice we’d all like to make. At KVIN, we’re all about offering you a range of solutions and we now have another one to share with you.

We have a demonstration model of the Blind Shell mobile phone. It uses a traditional keyboard in the same way that the once familiar Nokia phones had. It has a large print display and google speech that is clear and natural in tone. There are several useful apps such as colour detection, internet radio and FM radio, alarms and a calendar. You can access emails and make voice and text notes. If you want to use voice input, there’s the option for that as well.

So, if you’d like to look at a different option, or get support with any aspect of accessible technology then just get in touch or join us at one of our friendly drop-in sessions. The drop-in sessions run in Huddersfield, Batley and Dewsbury so find your nearest and our helpful team will be happy to show you how this app can change your life for the better.

A picture of the blindshell phone being held in a hand.
]2 A picture of the blindshell phone being held in a hand.