Product review: iPhone SE2020

At KVIN we are very keen on our phones, not just from the personal perspective of keeping in touch, but also in terms of the many other functions they help us to complete in daily life. Whether that’s online shopping, planning a journey or getting apps to read our mail, we wouldn’t and most definitely couldn’t live the lives we lead without our smartphones. So, when a new iPhone was recently released at a more affordable price point than your typical apple phone many of us within the organisation were duly excited.

The iPhone SE2020 is a follow up to the original iPhone SE released several years ago, a firm favourite amongst the KVIN team.

So, what do we make of this latest model? Well as mentioned previously a top spec Apple iPhone with an impressive amount of memory, certainly enough to cope with an enormous number of apps to assist with daily life. If bought directly from [other stockists are available] a 64GB is £419, 124GB £469 and 256GB retails at £569. If you compare thus to the iPhone 11 which sells for between £729 and £879, dependent on giga byte size, yet contains the same chip as the SE2020, you can see why the SE causes a stir.

Here’s what do our staff and service users think…

‘I use voiceover [the inbuilt screen reader in Apple products] so for me the screen size is no longer important, basically I am not looking at it, so for me the smaller screen [4.7 inch] on the SE2020 is fine. I also like having a ‘home’ button as this seems to make using Siri or returning to the home menus much easier. And of course, being a financially aware northerner to get a brand-new Apple iPhone for less than £500 is not to be missed.’

‘I love my iPhone SE2, it’s super-fast, light weight and slim.’

‘Having a home button is a great benefit as it is easy to navigate around the phone.’

‘I am seriously impressed with how responsive it is…even compared to my original SE.’

‘I have been waiting for the launch of the updated SE for some time…more affordable.’

Definitely a large and growing number of our service users are opting for Apple products thanks to the incredible inbuilt accessibility. For many the choice has not been whether or not to invest in a new SE but what colour to get.

Whatever you choose; classic black, sleek white or stand out red, just remember at KVIN we are experts by experience so please contact our staff team if you require any IOS [Apple’s operating system] assistance.