KVIN celebrates International Womens Day

It is March 8th, International Women’s Day and KVIN are celebrating the contributions made by women across society and within our organisation.

But what really makes the women involved with KVIN tick? We posed the following question to our female volunteers and service users;

‘Ok ladies, with International Women’s Day approaching which apps/website/act of doing/item could you not be without, now that you are living with sight loss and want to maintain your femininity?’

Responses were as follows….what a glamorous bunch they sound;

Hair salon trips for a colour & cut,



Silk Undies,



Bottle of gin,

Tattooed Eye-liner,

Gel Nails,

Tinted eye lashes,


Nice clothes,

Cheap bling,

Lip stick,

Getting hair done,

Leather bags,

Gold earring….

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful women who work and volunteer at KVIN and the women who come to our drop-in sessions. You all contribute so much to our organisation and make us what we are!