KVIN fortnightly news roundup Issue 2

KVIN will be compiling a fortnightly roundup of the news and information we have been sharing for visually impaired people in Kirklees.

Here you can find out what we have been doing and how you can get involved.


  1. Our service
  2. Useful Information and Sources of Support
  3. Keeping Busy
  4. Tech News


Kirklees Visual Impairment Network is a charity run by and for people with visual impairments, we aim to make sure people can continue to live full and independent lives when they lose their sight.

Normally we run face to face drop-in services where people can visit us for peer support and technological help, at the moment these aren’t happening, but we are still doing lots!

Here is a summary of what we are doing;

  • Remaining active on our social media channels to give updates.
  • Actively posting in our KVIN Support What’s app group, this virtual group is for anyone with a visual impairment in Kirklees to join. If you would like to join this group, contact us and we will add you.
  • Making regular phone calls to volunteers and service users.
  • Providing group chat sessions on a weekly basis, if you would like to join these, contact us and we will get you into the chats.
  • Providing technical support for using your smart phone, tablet, or laptop, if you are having any issues or would like to learn something new, get in touch!
  • Provide practical support such as food shopping or prescription collections and dropping at your doorstep, contact us if you need help with this.
  • Referring service users to other support services as required.

During the Corona Virus outbreak, our offices are closed but we are working and are contactable. We are a friendly team and would love to welcome you to the group, please use these details to reach us;

  • General email inquiries: info@kvin.org.uk
  • Christine Stephen 07765 344244 christine.stephen@kvin.org.uk
  • Claire Drake 07708 054245 claire.drake@kvin.org.uk
  • Mark Owen 07564 681920 mark.owen@kvin.org.uk
  • Dan Owen 07564 681933 daniel.owen@kvin.org.uk
  • Sam Heaton sam.heaton@kvin.org.uk
  • David Quarmby 07828 212555 david.quarmby@kvin.org.uk


We are sharing sources of information and support that might be useful at the moment. This information is available on our website by following this link.

If you have been struggling to get delivery for your supermarket online shopping, you can try calling the priority numbers listed at this link on our website.

It’s really important to look after your mental health and wellbeing at the moment, if you are struggling or are concerned about someone else, we have a list of services that may be able to help support to help you stay mentally well, click here for the list.

If you are in need of support, please contact any staff member at KVIN, we are here to help!

SKIES Service

We would like to highlight the SKIES team who are still active to provide rehabilitation support for people with sight loss.

At this time SKIES are mainly doing welfare calls to service users to see if there is anything they need; groceries etc. or even just a chat if people are feeling isolated. We are still taking referrals and doing as much of the assessment as we can over the phone. We operate a duty rota during the week so people can still phone in, they will always get one of us Monday – Thursday 9-5 and Friday 9-4.30. Call 01484 823198.

Service users can also visit the SKIES Facebook page.


We have been sharing lots of links and information to help people keep busy during lockdown. Take a look to read more about how you can keep yourself busy;

Look forward to in the next issue to find out how technology and arts and crafts can help you beat lockdown boredom.

Wellbeing Activities

We have partnered with local mental health charity Support to Recovery, who promote positive mental health. They have developed some weekly activities that people can try at home which will promote their wellbeing and mental health during this time of social isolation. These packs are available for anyone to download and use, we have a Word and PDF version that can be downloaded.

Click here for more information and to download the pack.


Here at KVIN we have a team of staff and volunteers with visual impairments who are able to help you to use technology such as using your smart phone, tablets and laptops. We can help with magnification and voiceover tech so that you can keep using what you have and can also share some handy apps that might help you out too.

We can also help with audio books and smart speakers like Amazon Echo. Whatever you are struggling to use or would like to try, we can offer help and talk you though your options.

You can listen to our fortnightly Tech Podcasts from Dan and Mark to hear the most recent news from the accessible technology world.

Click here to listen!

Here are some links from what they discuss so you can find out more;

Here’s the link to the blog from KVIN mentioned, New Skill, old skill: KVIN will help you up skill!

KVIN Meets – Online:
We’re pleased to announce that Phil Ward from Seeing Solutions will be joining our zoom meeting on Friday, 1st May to share his insight into how technology is being developed to support people with sight loss. Phil is always interesting to hear from, and we’re sure that you will find his insight into how technology is developing informative. They’ll be an opportunity to ask questions and perhaps you have ideas of your own?

Technology tutorials from Dan

We have a series of tech tutorials you can listen to via our website to get you listening to audio books;

A third tutorial is coming soon! Check our website in the next few days.

Use NVDA and Windows Magnifier Together

An NVDA add-on is being developed that gives speech feedback as you change Windows Magnifier settings. While it is still being perfected, the developer believes it is useful currently, read more here.

New iPhone

Apple have released a new version of their iPhone. The iPhone SE will be particularly appealing to people who use voice over due to its small size and the reintroduction of the home button. The phones are also much more affordable than the current iPhone 11. Details can be found on the apple website or by calling 0800 048 0408.

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