KVIN Monthly News Roundup, August 2020

Welcome to the latest news roundup from KVIN for August 2020! Typically, things are quieter during August as so many of us go on holiday, this isn’t the case this year and we have as much news as ever to share with you. Read on for details of our services and new developments as well as some useful information and tech news.


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  2. Useful Information and Sources of Support
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  4. Tech News


As you are aware, our face to face services are suspended at the moment due to Covid-19. Read here for more details of the services we are offering at present and our contact details.

Last month we started our first stages of reintroducing face to face support on a one to one basis. This went well but, due to the local lockdown restrictions in place in Kirklees for now, we have put this on hold until the situation locally improves.

But don’t worry, our virtual services continue and are expanding, here’s a summary;

  • Wednesday: 1pm Zoom Chat
  • Thursday: 11am Zoom Chat, 2pm Group Telephone Chat, 2.30pm Crochet Class via Zoom
  • Friday: 11am Zoom Chat

If you would like to join any of these groups, contact us for joining details.

If you are looking for something to fill your time on a Tuesday, we have 2 groups developed by KVIN service users and run by partners;

  • 10.15am Mad Frogs Fitness Class via Zoom, 45mins, £2
  • 2pm Ukulele Class via Zoom, 1hr30, £10

Contact Martin Eatherley for more information about these groups; martin.eatherley@kvin.org.uk 07974 603699


We are continuing to share sources of information and support that might be useful at the moment, we regularly update our news items on our website which can be read here.

Survival Tips Summary

Since March, we at KVIN, have had a weekly focus of survival tips to encourage our volunteers, service users and supporters to get involved either with their peers virtually or encouraging them to make the most of changing situations and try out a new interest or hobby. Over the last four months we have covered a multitude of topics including podcasts, photography, baking and of course exercise as a productive way to work off anything you have cooked. Click here for a roundup of our lockdown survival tips.

Sight loss: Your entitlements

Quite often as visually impaired people we not only have to adapt to the rigors of a life with sight loss but also the changes we have to make in terms of doing or accessing daily tasks, goods, or services differently. Making these changes can be often more expensive or time consuming, for example, the loss of a driver’s license can lead to a reliance on taxi’s or bus services.

But if you do find that deteriorating vision is having an impact and limiting your choices either in terms of access or finances be sure to know there is help available. Read here to find out what you may be entitled to.

As lockdown restrictions ease, and places start to reopen, you may be considering getting out more. Here is some information to help you prepare for getting out and about again;

If you are in need of support, please contact any staff member at KVIN, we are here to help!


Fundraising success

We would like to take the chance to say a special thank you to Sophie and Siti who have been doing some fantastic fundraising for us over the past few months. Sophie has been busy baking special treats and delivering them, raising over £200. Siti has been treating us with her authentic Malaysian cooking and also running a virtual cooking class, raising £300 already. Great work!

KVIN doesn’t receive at statutory funding to operate and we are always looking for sources of funding to keep us operating to support the Kirklees VI community so this fundraising effort from Sophie and Siti really makes a difference.

Siti is continuing to support KVIN through her cooking by donating 10% to KVIN from all orders, she will deliver to Dewsbury and Huddersfield areas. You can find out more by following her Instagram page, SitiTasteOfMalaysia.

If you would like to donate to KVIN to help us continue to run our valuable services for people with sight loss in Kirklees, you can through our Just Giving page.

We also welcome anyone to set up their own fundraiser, this could be a virtual coffee morning or quiz night, a sponsored challenge such as a walk or bike ride or a birthday fundraising appeal. Set up your own fundraising page here and let us know so we can support and promote it!

New Apple Group

Starting next week is a new virtual group for people new to Apple voiceover or those who want to develop their skills using voiceover and gestures. It will be on Fridays at 1pm, to join the group contact Martin Eatherley martin.eatherley@kvin.org.uk 07974 603699. The group will have limited places so that the group size remains small so that individuals can develop their skills using Apple voiceover.


Here at KVIN we have a team of staff and volunteers with visual impairments who are able to help you to use technology such as using your smart phone, tablets, and laptops. We can help with magnification and voiceover tech so that you can keep using what you have and can also share some handy apps that might help you out too.

We can also help with audio books and smart speakers like Amazon Echo. Whatever you are struggling to use or would like to try, we can offer help and talk you through your options.

We have recently set up a You Tube channel so that we can share our Tech Podcasts more easily to everyone. Our latest tech Podcast, Issue 8 can be listened to by clicking this link.

In issue 8 of our Tech Chat podcast Martin shares his latest must have products and Mark brings you up to date with details of the new groups we are starting here at KVIN. We feature examples of key finders and the one cup kettle. Click here to find out about the key finders. Click here to find out about the once cup kettles. The same products can be purchased from other retailers.

If you would like to get automatic updates when we release new podcasts you can subscribe to our channel, Kirklees Visual Impairment Network. Next to the channel name, there is a red button named SUBSCRIBE, which will allow you to enter an email address to subscribe. If you need help with this, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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