KVIN Road Map

We are sure that you are all eager to hear how we at KVIN will return to face to face services and we have good news, we have a plan!

Just like the government has a roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions, KVIN has a roadmap for resuming face to face services.

Since March 2020 we have been supporting everyone virtually over the phone, zoom and telephone groups but we are pleased to be able return to one to one appointments and groups in the coming months.

Provided that the national roadmap goes to plan, we will be able to resume from the following dates;

17th May: One to one appointments

21st June: Groups

One to one appointments are for providing individual peer or tech support and can be one offs or provided on an ongoing basis. These are with a member of staff or trained volunteer.

Groups are a chance to socialise with others with visual impairments, supporting one another and sharing technology tips, supported by a team of volunteers.

These services are provided free of charge and include refreshments when you arrive. Donations much appreciated to cover the cost of this.

If you need advice or support to get to any of our venues, please ask as we can provide details of public transport and community transport options. We are able to provide sighted guiding support to get to the venues from the nearest public transport or car drop off point.

The timetable outlines when and where appointments and groups will be;


One to one appointments available all day in Batley, Whitfield Centre

Batley Group at Whitfield Centre 10am-2.30pm


One to one appointments available all day in Huddersfield, Brian Jackson House

Dewsbury Group location and time to be confirmed along with start date


Huddersfield Group at Brian Jackson House 10.30am-12pm

We are working hard to get everything ready for resuming these services. This includes making sure we have Covid Safe practices in place. Places will be limited because of this, but we will do our best to accommodate as many of you as possible.

We are unable to confirm details for the Dewsbury Group which we hope to run at the Town Hall, but until we hear confirmation from Kirklees Council we do not know when this group can restart, it may be later in July or August.

We will aim to continue some of our virtual groups from June onwards for anyone who is unable to come out, we will update on this closer to the time.

If you would like to request a one to one appointment, please contact Mark Owen mark.owen@kvin.org.uk 07564 681920

If you’d like to express interest in attending a group, please contact Claire Drake claire.drake@kvin.org.uk 07708 054245

Over the coming weeks we will be in touch to find out what you would like to do and to answer any questions.

We can’t wait to be able to see people again and begin to return to some sort of normality soon!