Magnification at your fingertips

Today we hear from Mark, our newly appointed IT support worker, who as a person with a visual impairment talks about his experience using Magnification;

It’s not so long ago that finding a magnifier made for a bewildering amount of choice. Should it be pocket size or desktop, round, square or with or without a light and that’s before any decision about what strength of magnification you needed. All this before any thoughts of whether it will fit in your pocket or bag!

Whilst all that choice is still available, it’s worth considering that your smartphone, with its camera and light, can become a flexible and versatile magnifier. It’s great to be able to read printed material in lots of different situations without the need to carry different magnifiers around. Here’s a couple of ideas as to how.

By opening your camera app on your phone, you can zoom in and out to look at a range of information, whether it’s a menu, letter or even the price of an item on a supermarket shelf or in a shop window. If you need a little more time to read, taking a picture means that the image is stored for posterity making it easy to be able to look back at the price of the item or what was in that must eat again dish at the restaurant.

If you’d like some choice over background and text colour, or you need a little light on the subject then why not consider a magnification app. There’s a large number available including Claro MagX and at KVIN we’d be happy to help with tuition on how to set up and use the apps.

So, if you’d like to use the tech that you already have as an alternative, or to compliment a magnifier then just get in touch or join us at one of our friendly drop in sessions.