My Top 3 Make Up Tips For Anyone With A Visual Impairment

‘Outing’ yourself as visually impaired requires time, adaptability and confidence. As soon as you walk out into the public domain with either a white cane or a guide dog you are going to attract attention, whether you are comfortable with it or not.
But definitely one plus for me, in standing out in this way is the added need to present oneself well. If all eyes are on me then clothes and make up feel a lot more important than they used to be, ironically at a time when choosing or using such items is getting more difficult due to sight loss.
But there are choices you can make to keep living the life you want and in terms of continuing to use make up here are my top 3 tips.

Nail Polish- Go for paler shades.
If you have difficulty seeing the edge of your nails opt for a lighter colour as mistakes will be less obvious.

Foundation – Find the right formula for you…
I absolutely recommend mousse foundations as they are easy to blend in, whilst being thick enough consistency wise not to be overdone or spilt.

Eye Liner – Opt for an eye pen.
Lets face it poking your eye out is going to happen from time to time when you are applying make up by touch and not sight. Eye pencils are going to be more damaging as they are so sharp, so instead try using an eye liner pen ‘felt tip style’ so any accidents are less bruising.

Sam- KVIN Volunteer