New Skill, old skill: KVIN will help you up skill!

The current corona virus is presenting challenging times for all of us.

At KVIN, we’ve been overcoming these challenges by learning how to use technologies such as zoom to communicate with each other. Within the space of a week, our service users and staff have mastered this technology.

With more time on our hands and an eye to the future, we’re sure that a number of people are wanting to develop new IT skills or refresh old ones.

It might be that you need refreshing on how to send an email, or there’s a particular app you’ve always wanted to learn how to use? At KVIN we can help with this, either over the phone or online.

Sammi, one of our service users, has wanted to learn how to use the screen reading software Jaws. She now has a weekly virtual support session with Dan, one of our IT workers every week.

Sammi says “I am wanting to learn how to use JAWS so I am able to complete a college course and to learn more skills. In the future my ideal job would be a receptionist, I like people so ideally would love to be working in a front of house role, but I do need to improve on my skills such as typing and reading and responding to emails so I’m finding it really useful having these sessions. Having the confidence to use technology will help me feel more like everyone else when I do find a job.”

So if there’s a skill you’d like to develop or refresh then please get in touch.

Call Mark on 07564 681920 or