Pimp My Cane

For centuries the cane, stick or staff has been used by people with visual impairments to aid travel and highlight the presence of obstacles, but it is only in the last hundred years or so that the white cane became an internationally recognised tool for this purpose. And whilst the white cane may now be the symbol of sight loss, am intrinsic part of many peoples ‘blind’ identity, why cannot it also be used to reflect personality? Yes some cane suppliers, such as Anbutech can customise a cane for you producing them in different colours, but many who have tried this would argue that reverting away from the original white only causes confusion with the general public as to the canes purpose and use. So what’s the solution to retain both the white cane identity and at the same time being reflective of the cane owners personality? At KVIN some of our staff and volunteers have got into the habit of ‘Pimping My Cane’ opting for stick on pearls and jewels or anything else that would say to Joe Public, my cane reflects who I am.

If anyone would like to share their pimped canes with others please send your photos to sam.heaton@kvin.org.uk with a brief description of the design.