Positive feedback for ‘KVIN meets’ guest speakers

We’ve now been running our 3 regular Zoom groups for 10 months! When we started we didnt realise how long the pandamic would have an affect and our activities would be changed. Despite that our Zoom groups have regular high attendance and enjoyed as a way for our community to stay connected.

In November, we decided to mix things up slightly by introducing more regular guest speakers or sessions known as KVIN meets…

Since then we’ve had a wide range of organisations join us to share information and updates aswell as tech companies sharing their latest products.
We’ve run 16 sessions with the likes of; DeafblindUK, RNIB, Orcam, Calibre and Neatebox to name a few.
We’ve also got our volunteers and service users involved who have been sharing their skills and knowlege.

  • Hajra has been running regular relaxation sessions for everyone to practice calming down, breathing and taking time for their wellbeing. It’s been a valubale addition to join in with;

‘This was my first zoom session, thanks for welcoming me, I really enjoyed the relaxation, thank you.’

  • Jules has shared the apps she uses for health and keep fit so that others can learn what is available and will be accessible. Here’s some fedback from the health apps session;

“That’s been very useful.”

“Brilliant, thanks.”

“I never realised you could do that.”

We’ve had some positive feedback from a recent session with Gavin from Neatebox who are developing an app called WelcoMe.

‘The welcome app sounds amazing, has the potential to make parts of our life so much easier.’

‘I’m going to download the welcome app and suggest that my local co-op implements it.’

We are really pleased to have had positive feedback from the variety of guest speakers organised, we recently asked for feedback about the sessions in general, here’s a summary of the feedback;

  • visiting organisation’s and guest speakers are viewed very positively,
  • they have offered something different to the regular zoom groups
  • have provided useful information.
  • people are happy with the mix of guest speakers on offer, there is a good mixture of tech and organisations.
  • the topics and information shared is interesting.
  • it’s good to learn about different things.

With this in mind, we are continuing to book further guest speakers to join our groups, you can find details of upcoming events on our Facebook page and Monthly e-newsletter. Alteratively, contact us directly and we will let you know whats happening.