Easy To Use Equipment via Your Voice

Some of us are really getting used to the amazing and sometimes frustrating things you can do with the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot but you might want to be aware of new similar items on the block and some new pieces of equipment from Amazon.

Google Home is now another smart device that you can access the internet via your voice to access a wide range of information, music, radio and podcasts in addition to controlling things in your home.

There is also a new smaller speaker with voice input called the Google Home Mini which is very similar to the Echo Dot. It is also quite affordable at £49 and when in stock, can be purchased from local stores such as Argos and PCWorld.

Amazon are also introducing some additional speakers; The Amazon Echo Show which also has a screen, so you can use it for video calls and watching films and video’s etc from the internet.

Also, there is the Echo Plus which has a built in smart home Hub that enables the device to link in with many home devices.

Additionally, there is a newer smaller version of the Amazon Echo which will retail for just short of £90.

Sonus have also come out with a new speaker that as the Amazon Alexa feature built in which is reported to produce top quality sound. We will have to wait until sometime next year for the Apple Home which is their equivalent using their personal assistant Siri.

One thing that all these devices have in common is that they are excellent cost effective devices ideally suited for use by visually impaired people, being voice input and speech output and an easy way to access a wide range of information and audio visual data from the internet. There may be a slight learning curve for some using a smart phone app or the computer to set these devices up, but if you have got broad band in your house, you can get another family member, friend or request an RNIB Technology Squad volunteer to do this on your behalf.

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