Sharing information: Deafblind UK

Here at KVIN we really value other organisations within the sight loss sector and try as much as possible to make sure you know about anything that could benefit you.

We have had links with Deafblind UK for about 18 months after Andrew, the local outreach officer for Deafblind UK popped into our drop in at Dewsbury Town Hall. We welcomed him in and shared the work we do and learned more about Deafblind UK and they do.

We have recently reconnected with Andrew to find out more about the current services available from Deafblind UK and have listed a few of these services below.

But first, a brief introduction into who Deafblind UK are;

Deafblind UK are a national charity supporting anyone with any degree of combined sight and hearing loss to live the lives they want.

If you are struggling with your sight and hearing loss, or know someone who is, and want to know more about support available to you it maybe worth getting in touch with Deafblind UK and seeing how they can support you with your combined sight and hearing loss.

Deafblind UK has a variety of services available to its members;


The helpline is open to anyone who has any questions around deafblindness or are looking for support with their deafblindness. It is manned by both staff and volunteers who are trained to give you and those around you the information and advice that you require. Whether it be a question about sight and hearing loss, accessing local services, support with housing and benefits and everything in between, Deafblind UK can help.

The helpline is open between 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4pm on Fridays and is accessible through a variety of methods.

  • Telephone: 0800 132 320
  • Text: 07950 008 870
  • Text Relay: 18001 and then input 0800 132 320
  • Email:
  • Video call (Non BSL):
  • BSL Relay service: Press the yellow button on the following webpage:


If you would like someone to talk to, laugh with and spend time with then the befriending service might be something for you. At Deafblind UK we can match you up with a volunteer befriender who may have similar interests as you so you both have something in common. We can arrange for them to contact you regularly basis using either phone, video call, text or email depending on what you prefer. Many of deafblind UK members and befrienders are now lifelong friends.

Remote social groups:

Deafblind UK members can also choose take part in our bi-weekly remote social groups that are run either over the telephone or using a video call service depending on what the member wants. These social groups happen every other week and are a great way to meet other members with deafblindness up and down the country. There is also a British Sign Language group for members who’s first language is British Sign Language. These groups are really easy to join and we can support you if you need technical support.

Wellbeing and emotional support:

Living with sight and hearing loss and can be difficulty for some people and they may benefit from extra support to help with their wellbeing. At Deafblind UK we have a service dedicated to support the wellbeing of our members and can provide the following; Access to Deafblind UK’s dedicated team who are ready to support you

  • Six week person centre wellbeing plan
  • Peer one to one support to share your experiences with others
  • 3 monthly and 6 monthly wellbeing contact either by phone, text, email or letter.
  • Birthday cards and Birthday phone call
  • Christmas cards
  • Regular interaction with our wellbeing team.

If you want to find out more about the full list of services that Deafblind UK provide or are interested in becoming a member, contact one of the KVIN team and we can put you in touch or contact them directly on one of the following methods:

Telephone: 0800 132 320

Text: 07950 008 870

Text Relay: 18001 and then input 0800 132 320


Video call (Non BSL):

BSL Relay service: Press the yellow button on the following webpage:

DeafblindUK logo

Here is a useful factsheet with handy tips and advice to Live better with sight and hearing loss.