Survival tips: A summary

Getting through lockdown for anyone was never going to be easy but when you team that with a visual impairment it makes life more interesting to say the least.

So what can people do if you’re usual activities are cancelled or limited by lockdown restrictions?

Since March, we at KVIN, have had a weekly focus of survival tips to encourage our volunteers, service users and supporters to get involved either with their peers virtually or encouraging them to make the most of changing situations and try out a new interest or hobby.

Over the last four months we have covered a multitude of topics including podcasts, photography, baking and of course exercise as a productive way to work off anything you have cooked.

Click the links for a round up of our lockdown survival tips;

If you have other survival tips or useful lins to share, please pass them onto a member of staff and we will add them to our lists for everyone to benefit!