Survival Tips: Arts and Crafts

Last week we brought you lots of ideas and inspiration to get creative at home during lockdown. Vision loss doesn’t mean that you have to give up your creative hobbies, nor does it mean that you can’t take up new hobbies.

We have shared lots of links to inspire you and provide helpful tips, at the bottom of the post are some photos of creations made by staff, volunteers and service users.

Vision loss does not mean you can no longer take photos, take a look at this link for lots of tips on low vision photography. Read more here.

Lots of tips here for anyone who is musically minded or even just fancies trying something new. Read more here.

Find out how blind and partially sighted people engage with visual art, from Art UK, read here.

Could you be inspired to have a try at mosaic art? Watch a video from Blind at Work: The Mosaic Artist on YouTube.

Some useful tips for anyone thinking of taking up embroidery on the VisionAware website.

For any fans of crosswords out there, read the Crossword User Guide.

Here are some useful tips to continue knitting even if you are living with vision loss. Lynn Jensen’s Top 30 tips For Knitter’s Who Are Blind Or Partially Sighted – CNIB Blog, read here.

Some handy tips on how to create a tactile painting, Promoting Painting as a Hobby to Blind and Partially Sighted People – Painting with Low Vision, read here.

Here are lots of ideas to get creative that are not just for the kids…, take a look at Pinterest.

Whether you enjoy creative writing, painting, dancing, playing music or knitting, there could potentially be an art or craft to suit you and get you through lockdown, read what the RNIB have to say about arts and crafts.

Here are all the creations from our staff, volunteers and service users, what a creative bunch!

  • Service user Chris has proved himself to be a very adept candlemaker. Photo shows two coloured and scented candles inside glass jars.
  • Beverley, one of our service users is keen on knitting. The photos show many of her wonderful creations including a baby boys’ blue cardigan and some Easter chicks.
  • Daisy the daughter of one of our volunteers has recently drawn this picture of a book character Hugo Cabret and a purple black and yellow butterfly made using a 3-D pen.
  • Our volunteer coordinator Claire’s son Euan proudly shows off his rainbow painting in support of key workers in this photo.
  • Some knitted coral reef courtesy of one of our service users.
  • Our service user Sam previously used her knitting skills to create some white cane roller end covers.
  • Our technology volunteer Brian is a surprise creative, here is a link to his Instagram account which features many of his fabric related creations.