Survival Tips: Cooking and baking

In the past week we have been promoting baking and cooking as a way of beating isolation.

Our staff, volunteers and service users have embraced this theme and have been busy cooking and making, then sharing their creations. The photos of some of the shared creations are in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

Cooking and baking has proved to be a great way to keep busy during isolation!

We shared lots of links to help people with Visual Impairments contine to cook with lots of tips, gadgets and recipes. Here are the links;


You can buy audiobook cookbooks from RNIB to gain some recipe inspiration, try recipes from Delia to Jamie Oliver to Nigela Lawson. Click here to see whats available.

Check out the BBC food website for hundreds of recipes that are screen reader accessible, you could find a recepie for anything! Click here for the BBC food website.

Here is a recipe recommended by one of our service users Sammi for a microwave mug cake.

Here is a recipe reccomdended by the RNIB for Sticky Jamaica Ginger Cake

Top tips

Blind cooking: 10 tips from chefs from the BBC News website, click here.

There are a wealth of videos on YouTube offering advice on real life cooking with vision loss, here is just one of them: Cooking Tips 1 – for the Blind and Visually impaired.

There is also a vlogging channel called Baking Blind on YouTube. Click here for more.

Vision Aware have some safe cooking techniques for cooks who are blind or have low vision, click here.

A fantastic article for anyone looking for basic cooking tips from the RNIB Ten tips for fuss-free cooking when you’re blind or partially sighted


There is an array of utensils and equipment available to assist anyone living with a visual impairment to continue to cook independently.

Click on this link for some ideas of the best sellers from the RNIB shop, from a simple boil alert to talking kitchen scales.

Our volunteer Sam says a set of talking scales is an absolute essential in her kitchen; Talking kitchen scale with easy-to-see jug.

David, our chair of trustees tells us his kitchen must have an air fryer. Read this article to find out more, The best air fryers for healthier home cooking.