Survival Tips: Gardening

We have been focusing on gardening as a way of creating something positive out of lockdown and social distancing, read on to get lots of useful tips…

Here are some useful tips on what are the best plants to use if you are starting off on your gardening adventure with some containers… Top 10 Plants for Pots and Containers – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have their own patch of green space, so here is a list of all their local main park spaces within the Kirklees area, park spaces.

Sensory gardens are perfect for everyone not just those living with a visual impairment, learn more here; Sensory Garden Design Advice, Sensory Trust.

If you are looking for a definitive online encyclopaedia covering everything horticultural then this may be it, RHS – Inspiring everyone to grow.

Want to start off with the basics? Then take a look at these 10 tips for beginners, 10 Container Garden Tips for Beginners.

Our sustainability and development manager Christine says all you need to “grow your own “are a few simple things… A carrier bag with drainage holes in the bottom and sides, fill with compost, add seeds of your choice, cover with a thin layer of compost and then add water.

In need of inspiration? Then why not visit one of the local public gardens, obviously bearing social distancing in mind, such as this one at Oakwell Hall.

Here are yet more tips to keep you digging and pruning whatever your level of vision, Gardening After Vision Loss: Tips from an Experienced Blind Gardener.

Some useful advice on keeping house plants, courtesy of the Royal Horticultural Society.

There is an absolute wealth of tips out there to carry on gardening despite vision loss here is a link to another website promoting the hobby, Gardening for blind or partially sighted people, information and advice, visually impaired gardeners.

Here are lots more hints and tips for maintaining a garden whilst living with a visual impairment; Gardening for blind or partially sighted people, information and advice, visually impaired gardeners.

If you don’t have a garden of your own? Have you thought about applying for an allotment? More details here…

The Royal National Institute for the Blind has produced a range of FAQ sheets and links to other organisations for anyone interested in starting out in gardening or learning new skills.

Greenpeace have launched a free ‘Eat grow and upcycle’ guide… click here to apply for yours.

We hope these links have given you inspiration to brighten up your garden at home…