Survival tips: Keeping active

Last week we explored ways to keep active whilst physical distancing, here is a summary of our top tips for you to try!

Go for a walk for your one form of excercise per day.

Photos shows Claire, our volunteer coordinator, out on a woodland walk with her son Euan on her back in the baby carrier and guide dog Annie on a free run in the open spaces of Dewsbury country Park.

Claire on a woodland walk with her son Euan in a carrier on her back.

Annie the guide dog on a free run in Dewsbury Country Park

Use the equipment you already have

Service user Chris is continuing his weight training, doing some shoulder presses, photo shows Chris raising two large dumbbells above his head. We might not all have weights at home, but tin cans can be used as hand weights to get your arm muscles working. Chris holding 2 large dumbells over his head in his home gym

This photo shows our volunteer Sam who is a very regular exercise biker at home on her bike, she has challenged everyone at KVIN to a indoor bik marathon, so far nobody has taken her up on the challenge! Service user, Sam on her bike at home.

This photo shows our service user Jules having a go at hula hooping, not all of us might have a hula hop at home but you can have a dance and a wiggle to some music to burn some calories and feel better. This photo shows our service user Jules having a go at hula hooping

If you have an exercise bike, cross trainer or maybe a treadmill at home but can no longer read the digital display, lots of apps now exist that can help with this, such as Tap Tap See

Try some fitness programmes online Eyes Free Fitness programs for the blind: Thank you to one of our trustees for sharing this link to accessible audio fitness classes ideal for anyone self isolating but still wanting to keep busy and active.

NHS Live Well Exercises: Some exercise ideas courtesy of the NHS and all accessible with voice-over.

Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App

Let us know how you get on with the fitness classes!

Use technology to keep fit

There are lots of handy tips in this article on how accessible technology can help us keep fit at home. Physical Fitness for Visually Impaired | Guide To Accessible Fitness Tech

Smart phones, whether android or Apple often now come with a pre-downloaded Health app. These can be ideal for counting your daily steps which is luckily something you can still do even if you are isolating, get walking around the house, garden and up and down your stairs!

You can use your Amazon Echo as a personal fitness trainer.

When was the last time you did some skipping? If you could clear yourself a large space indoors this may be the opportunity to re-engage with a former childhood pastime.

Talking digital skipping ropes can be bought from Cobolt Systems Ltd