Survival Tips: Photography

This week we have been sharing tips for using photography as a way to keep busy during lockdown. Sight loss doesnt mean you have to stop taking photo’s or taking up photography as a hobby.

Heres what the RNIB says;

‘We want to show that with simple adaptations, blind and partially sighted people can take stunning photographs, challenge perceptions and share their incredible talent. Ninety three per cent of blind and partially sighted people can see something and many of them enjoying taking photos.’

We shared some useful tips to help you continue to take photos and some of our serivice users shared their own photography;

Smart phones have enabled many of us to become regular photographers and many are now doing it semi professionally despite vision loss, read here to find out more; The Blind Photographer: the remarkable world of sensory photography – Photography as a Social Practice.

If you are unsure where to start with photography, take a look at this video for tips; Photography Tips for Blind and Partially Sighted People.

Check out the photography showcase from the RNIB which gives some useful tips, RNIB Photography Showcase.

As we are so often promoting usable tech at KVIN it seemed only right to share tips on photography that are based on using a smart phone; The Complete Guide To Smartphone Photography: 96 Tips.

If you would like to get involved in photography locally you could join a local club such as Huddersfield Photo-Imaging Club. You’ll just have to wait until after lockdown to join in…

Here are some photographs taken by our service users with sight loss;