Survival tips: Radio, podcasts and TV

Last week we shared lots of links for recommendations for radio, podcasts and TV programmes that can help you busy at home during lockdown. Read on for the links, let us know your recommendations!


Radio is a great thing to have on in the background to keep you company, or if you find a programme you particularly like, grab a cuppa, take a seat, and listen away.

Have a listen to Dodge Radio, it was set up a decade ago and is managed by our very own Dan Owen. It plays a variety of different types of music and presenters discuss a variety of different topics throughout the week, the music ranges from the 50’s up to today. An example of some shows include the; country café happy days playing you some great feel good tracks, the midweek mix playing you classics from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, the Friday night essential mix and Saturday night party, playing you some great party tracks for your weekend.

Have a listen to a range of dramas on BBC Radio 4, you can listen live or use this link for the list of programmes and listen when you want.

Here are some BBC Radio 4 recommendations;

  • Martin listens to and recommends In Touch on BBC Radio 4 on a Tuesday night at 8:40 pm which is all about news and information for visually impaired people. You can listen to it on the BBC sounds app, on your Amazon Alexa or Google home or by following this link.
  • Another popular BBC Radio 4 programme is the The Archers, recommended by many of our service users.
  • BBC Radio 4 is very popular, here is yet another recommendation by one of our service users; Intrigue, Tunnel 29.


Podcasts have been around for a while now, but you might be unsure what they are? Simply put: a podcast is a series of spoken word, audio episodes, all focused on a particular topic or theme. You can listen to them whenever you like so you don’t have to worry about a schedule. Follow the links and have a listen at your leisure, we have listed some visually impaired podcasts and some recommendations, but you can find podcasts on any topic by searching online.

Our tech guy Mark, recommends Podcast Addict which is an app available to android users and compatible with Talkback, to everyone who loves listening to a good podcast.

For those amongst our followers who prefer something more factual there are Live Science Podcasts from BBC Radio 5 live available to download.

Anyone who is missing ther sports can listen to BBC Radio 5 live – In Short which are live Sport podcasts.


There are lots of settings and gadgets that can be used to help you continue to enjoy TV with sight loss, an example can be to enable audio description which helps you know what is happening in a tv programme. If you would like some help with your TV, get in touch with KVIN and we will offer you some tips which will help.

TV Licensing: If you are blind (severely sight impaired) and can provide the appropriate evidence, you are eligible to apply for a 50% concession. Your licence will also cover anyone who lives with you. If you are partially sighted (sight impaired) you are not eligible.

Adeel, one of our trustees recommends this app Freeview for anyone who is a fan of TV.

Something that is now possible is to transfer what you are watching on a smartphone or tablet to your TV screen through something called a Chromecast. Here is a guide to tell you more… How to cast: A quick start.

Here are some TV programme recommendations;