Survival Tips: Reading and audio books

This week we are promoting reading as a way of getting through isolation…

There are several options available to you, depending on the sight you have and what you might prefer.

Firstly, we look at how magnification can help you make the most of your sight to read;

Magnification might help you to continue to read your books, newspapers and magazines even with sight loss. At this link, Mark our very own tech guy describes how magification can help.

Magnification at your fingertips

For anyone with little remaining sight or wanting to give their eyes a rest, a great option is to listen to books, lucikly there are lots of free options!

E-books can be accessed via your smart phone, tablet or laptop, using screen reader you will be able to hear what the books say. Audiobooks are also available, these have been recorded already and are ready to listen to.

If you are already a member of Kirklees libraries and have a membership card and PIN you will be able to access the online E library.

E-Library | Kirklees Council

Access to thousands of free e-books;


Calibre Audio is an organisation that offers access to free audiobooks to anyone visually impaired.

The Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) have a range of services available to help you get reading;

Here is a link to the RNIB free talking book service.

Talking Books – RNIB – See differently

One of our service users has said this about the RNIB talking books service;

‘I use this service and it’s fabulous. I bought a speaker from the RNIB shop and have books sent to me on a memory stick. I hate wearing headphones and having a speaker means I can move it to whichever room I am in, so can listen anywhere. I have found it to be a great resource and the cost of the speaker was well worth it (it was about £50 a couple of years ago now).’

Here is a link to register to receive the new RNIB talking book service.

Here is a link to a completely free easy reader app.

Get the best of RNIB’s reading services with the free EasyReader app – RNIB – See differently

If you dont like reading fictional books, then try a talking newspaper;

Reading doesn’t have to mean fiction, here is information on a talking newspaper app that is fully accessible.

Talking Newspaper App by BWBF & TNF

Here are some options to access e-books and audiobooks through subsriptions if you are prepared to pay a little;

Here is a link to an online organisation providing access to accessible e-books

Bookshare | An Accessible Online Library for people with print disabilities

Here is a link to Audible audiobook subscription service which boasts the largest online collection.

What have you been reading during isolation? Please share any book reccomendations!