Tech Resource: Personal Power; The iOS Edition

We are sharing a book that has been written by Michael Feir all about using iOS devices as a blind user. The link is available at the bottom of the post to download the book in WORD version.

David, our Chair of Trustees is an advocate for how accessible iOS devices are, he says;

‘This is a brilliantly written guide for anyone interested in knowing more about the iPhone and iPad o operating systems from a blind person’s perspective.
Despite its length, it is extremely readable and is a guide rather than a manual.
I would urge anyone who wants to know more, to read this book, either in full or selected parts that you want to know more about.’

Michael Feir says this on his website;

‘Hello everyone. I’m very happy to announce that after three and a half years of writing, it’s finally ready for release. Personal Power; The iOS Edition is a guide for blind people who either own or are interested in using iOS devices made by Apple. Namely, iPHONEs, iPAds and iPODs. No prior experience is presumed. I’ve written this guide to be as approachable to absolute beginners as possible. Clocking in at around 250000 words, it has thirty-four major sections with second and third level subsections to ease navigation. There is also an interactive table of contents. The guide is not a manual so much as it is a travel guide. I wanted to impart the skills you’ll need to thrive in the iOS ecosystem. However, I felt that it was even more important to help newcomers explore the possibilities of what they might do with an iOS device. As with my prior Personal Power guide, I approach this from the perspective of personal life enrichment rather than employment. I think that finding ways to enjoy using iOS devices is vital if one seeks to become competent. As with the prior Personal Power guide, this one too is released free of charge.’

Download the book here.

You can visit Michael’s website here.