Volunteers’ Week: Some personal messages of thanks…

Today we hear from some of our service users and members of staff who want to say thank you to our volunteers for everything they do…

I would like to thank all our trustees and volunteers for all their hard work over the last year and especially in lockdown without you guys I am sure we would all struggle during this difficult period, thanks again Susie.

Thank you all, Jackie.

I would just like to say thanks to all the volunteers for all the hard work that they have done, I hope they may continue, Angela.

Thank you to KVIN and its volunteers. I’m new to all of this and everyone has made me feel so welcome and supported from information on technology to handy hints and everyday living to chatting on the zoom ap, you are all doing a fantastic job, long may it continue, Regards Bev T.

I would like to thank each volunteer for their support, effort and work they do for us all. Many thanks, Hugs Hajra.

I want to thank all the volunteers for your kindness and efforts for the KVIN members, Siti.

As the manager of a small charity, I am forever grateful that we have volunteers and that they are always so willing for so little in return. Although much of my life has been in the voluntary sector I have worked in the Dept of education and the NHS and in those types of organisations you have a finance dept, a comms dept, a HR dept, a legal team, stationary cupboards that appear to fill themselves, big IT departments to cater for every eventuality, not to mention layers of management that take responsibility for when things go wrong. At KVIN we employ a few staff with some great skills, but we are few in number and couldn’t possibly cover the skills needed to run a successful operation on the scale we do. KVIN consistently acts like a big organisation “punching above its weight”, this is only because we have such willing, skilled, and sharing volunteers. I can think of all the little things people do that make our organisation really friendly, compassionate, and caring. I have come across volunteers who will spend the afternoon making countless cups of tea, listening to people whose viewpoints are very different from their own, but they still listen with the same compassion. Volunteers willing to share bit of their own lives with our service users to allow them to feel part of the KVIN family. Volunteers who have their own massive hurdles to cross but are still willing to develop their own skills, do eLearning and ensure they are as knowledgeable as they can be to help others retain their independence. We have several volunteers who bake for us… these are personally my favourite LOL! We have volunteers who have access to other resources that they are willing to share with us. Other volunteers who have busy professions and large family commitments and still find time to give their time to us. THANK YOU could never cover it! Christine

I have worked in lots of small charities over the years, but none have been so welcoming as KVIN. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work alongside all the volunteers at KVIN, they are all so different but something they have in common is a commitment to helping. When I first started at KVIN the exciting volunteer team got me involved in what they were doing and embraced any changes that have been put in place to make sure we operate in the best way possible. As a volunteer coordinator my job is made so much easier by having enthusiastic and willing volunteers who will get involved in all aspects of what we do, even the boring background jobs like data entry, photocopying and filing. Volunteers’ Week is a chance to say thank you to everyone and id usually like to do this personally during the week. This obviously isn’t possible and I’ll make sure we can do something in person as soon as we can, but in the meantime know that you make a difference! Claire