Volunteers’ Week: Students welcome too!

We are coming to the end of Volunteers’ Week Celebrating the contribution of all our volunteers at KVIN, what a great bunch they all are!

Today we look at the contribution student placements can make to the organisation which is also invaluable to our work.
Students can get involved in our work via their college and university courses and we would welcome students to get in touch.

Here we hear from two recent student placements who have been involved in KVIN.

My name is Zainab, I am student at the University of Huddersfield studying Health and Community Development in year 2. I have carried out my placement out with Kirklees Visual Impairment Network (KVIN).
During my placement at KVIN working with visually impaired people was a different experience because I was able to expand on my skills which I can take forward in my studies and career. In addition, working with KVIN has taught me how to use different technology such as magnification products for people who are visually impaired.
At KVIN I have carried out many tasks and responsibilities. One of which was Quality for Health. Quality for Health was about evidencing the experience of service users using the service.
I have also completed some admin task which has improved my IT skills. Therefore, I am able to take this forward in the working environment.
Working with KVIN has been a really good experience all the volunteers and staff are lovely. It is a friendly environment where everyone is respected and given equal access to the service.

My name is Zubayr, I am a student at Kirklees College and have been completing a placement at KVIN. I have a visual impairment and wanted to do a placement at a place that understood my disability.
When I started my placement I felt very nervous however I needn’t have worried as I was warmly welcomed into the team. I was introduced to all the people and volunteers that work there. I was even offered a cup of tea to help me settle in. Claire the volunteer coordinator told me about the organisation and what it offers. I was then given an induction of the building and shown the fire escape, kitchen and the toilet facilities.
I was really looking forward to going back to do my placement with KVIN. I have been learning about the different technology available to people with visual impairments from magnification to iPhone apps. I’ve also learnt about services from RNIB and Guide Dogs that I’m interested in.
I have some more weeks left on my placement and I’m looking forward to learning more about technology and getting more involved.
I would recommend people to come along to KVIN if you are interested in learning more about technology and how you can access it.

If you are a student and would like to find out more about volunteering as part of your placement contact Claire claire@kvin.org.uk 07708054245