Volunteers’ Week: Trustees

Today we are celebrating the contribution of our dedicated team of Trustees. Charities like KVIN depend on the skills, experience and dedication of their volunteer trustee boards and we are so grateful for all the time, energy and ingenuity they give. Charity trustees play a very important role in making sure that the charity is run in the interests of the people it is there to support. They strategically oversee the management and administration of the organisation.

My name is Adeel, I live in Dewsbury and I’m registered blind. I have been involved in KVIN since 2011. KVIN is useful to me because I can come in and ask for help with technology questions especially when new gadgets are released. The volunteers at KVIN have been very helpful in these regards, they have always been very friendly and approachable. Recently, I’ve become a trustee for KVIN. It is a voluntary role which involves making strategic decisions that will affect KVIN in the long term. It involves keeping an eye on how KVIN is being run and to make sure it is running as effectively as it can and is doing the best for its service users with the available resources. The reason I became a trustee was partly because there weren’t many visually impaired people on the board, so I wanted to bring a different perspective. It is also an opportunity for me to gain experience and to see how an organisation is managed and run. I would recommend volunteering to anyone as it allows you to do something useful and to help others, whilst gaining useful experience.

My name is Moin, I am an optician from Huddersfield and a Trustee of KVIN. As someone who is involved in eye care, I have come across a number of visual impairment charities. KVIN stands out from these because the core focus is to enhance the well-being of visually impaired people through use of technology. When I found out KVIN were looking for trustees, I knew I had to get involved. I am able to bring forward my expertise as an optician and businessman to help in the development of the charity. KVIN have found a real niche and are making a proper difference to people’s lives and I’m glad to be involved. There is a great opportunity to expand KVIN’s services into other areas and in order for this to happen we need many more sighted and visually impaired volunteers. We have exciting plans for growth in the future and I would urge anyone who is passionate and wants to have fun to join us.

My name is Julie, am the treasurer of KVIN. I became involved with KVIN in June 2018 and was introduced to the organisation by Moin Valli, who I work for at Valli Opticians, and who is a Trustee & Board member of KVIN. I went along to one of the KVIN meetings to find out a little bit more about the organisation and found the work that the organisation does to be really interesting. I was also very impressed at the level of help & support that the organisation provides to its service users. I became a Trustee of KVIN and work as the Treasurer of the organisation and I enjoy that this allows me to be an integral part of the organisation and help to support its development. I have met many lovely new people and have learnt new skills brought about by working in a sector that I have not previously been involved with.
I would certainly recommend volunteering to others as it provides the opportunity to be part of a friendly, rewarding & developing organisation.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Trustee for KVIN follow this link or contact Claire claire.drake@kvin.org.uk 07708 054245