West Yorkshire Trading Standards Scam Alert

We are sharing this scam alert information so that as many people as possible have it and can protect themselves from scams.

Read below the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Newsletter Scam Alert. This alert will outline trending fraud patterns during the current COVID-19 pandemic and what we can do to stay protected. This news alert will give you an indication of the current situation here in West Yorkshire.

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1st May 2020

West Yorkshire Trading Standards has seen an increase in the number of COVID-19 related scams.

What Scams are trending at the moment in West Yorkshire?

  1. Fraudulent emails sent to organisations stating they have qualified for the sum of $200,000.00 from the World Health Organization relief fund.
  2. Automated Scam messages from fraudsters claiming to be Amazon Prime, the call states that a trial membership was about to expire, and they would be deducting £34 from your bank account.
  3. Phishing emails offering the sale of testing kits and face masks.

Scams Trending Regionally & Nationally

  1. Travel scams on the increase as fraudsters purport to be from travel companies, tour operators and insurers are offering to re-book or refund cancelled holidays.
  2. Fake text messages claiming to be from NatWest bank- Customers have reported receiving a messaging stating that they have updated banking information and tells you to click the link in the text, the link takes you to a site where fraudsters will steal banking Information.
  3. Supermarket Voucher scams are being shared widely on Social Media sites. Fraudsters are claiming to be offering food vouchers for families in need to spend in stores.


  • YOUR DOORSTEP, YOUR DECISION If you feel pressured, ask the person to leave.
  • FRIENDS AND FAMILY ARE BEST Support from trusted friends, family or neighbours is ideal. Be vigilant for strangers offering services at the door that may want to take advantage.
  • NO SNAP DECISIONS Take time to talk to someone you trust before you make any decisions.
  • DO THE CHECKS You can check ID badges and contact associations to check membership registrations yourself. Call the telephone number of the organisation, obtain this number yourself, not from the person at the door.

We are seeing a decline in doorstep incidents relating to Covid-19 in West Yorkshire. We do ask that you remain vigilant during this pandemic and look out for others. If you are approached on your doorstep by fraudsters, please report this to us:

New mailbox to deal with reports of Covid-19 Scams in West Yorkshire: Covid19.Scams@wyjs.org.uk

Report complaints to Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline: 0808 223 1133

Report scams to Action Fraud: 0300 123 2040

*Please only seek medical advice from your doctor